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Adjusting My Approach To Self Change

I noticed a point within myself today as I was reading an article/document that Sunette had posted  – http://desteni.co.za/intro-forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1631&p=7922#p7922 about “Self Change”.

The article was looking at the point of Change from the perspective of “Material Change” and how one attempt to change and define change within and through change in ones environment as a result of /directly related to money where one would in a way “Buy” change.

So the point that came up within me is the point of how I often immediately go to the point of money as an indication of my self change, or how I have changed, or how to change. I understand that I cannot simply just change from an external perspective but that actual change must be actual change, as a change that is both internal and external. I am also aware of the Process of doing this from the perspective of what is required to assist and support self with internal self change and also how to actually bring this/walk this live this into ones physical reality so that the change exist both internally and externally as an actual manifested change of as self completely.

I will also say that at the moment I am still in the process of Learning how to in fact do this, though I am aware of different aspects of how this works and have also been involved in actually doing this for myself for the last 4 years, though I realize I am still developing and understanding the basic fundamental points of this process in terms of how to actually apply and live this as myself.

So the point I noticed within me today is that I was tending to go more to an “out-there” approach to change a little quickly in by simply for example looking at “how can I make lots of money” as then this being an indication (if I could do this) that I have changed. I see that I was “jumping a bit” And I see that I must actually assist and support myself to effectively establish this point of self change in writing first, where in I actually explore much more thoroughly my inner reality of self because in a way I see that I was trying to change my external reality without actually walking the internal networks and constructs existent inside of me that are still operating, functioning, controlling and directing myself and my experience and my world. So yes basically seeing the vastness of my inner reality that I was not “taking on” so to speak, and thus require to direct myself within taking on my “internal reality” more specifically and thoroughly so as to “balance out” my application of attempting to change me.

So just a point I noticed, realized today in reading sunettes article that I thought Id share.

So to place it simplistically in the words of a cave man…

Me write more.


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Writing Yourself To Freedom – How this has Supported Me.

Since I started participating with Desteni, I have written extensively. This began initially on the forums where I would ask questions and communicate with those on the forums. It was there on the forums where I started to develop my writing ability.

My specialty was certainly not writing, though I enjoyed writing and before desteni would also write in a journal as I found the process of writing to be quite creative similar to how doing art work is.

So eventually the point of “Writing Yourself to Freedom” was introduced and it was likely around this time as well that we started opening up blogs and blogging about our experiences.

I remember being amazed as I would write about my life as I never did this before where I would simply write about my past and my experience and also just explore various different ways of writing and even simply pushing myself to blog about what I was experiencing in any given moment. Through this I started to develop the ability to investigate myself and explore myself in writing. Yes I had been busy doing this already but with the point of “Writing Yourself to Freedom” and in general the focus on writing with Desteni, I began to expand this point for myself and enjoyed the experience of doing so.

I became more effective in writing through writing myself to freedom than I did in 4 years of college – And this I found to be quite fascinating. Of course my history of writing supported me in what I was now doing with writing and participating with Desteni, but I actually started to experience myself expanding in my writing and even become better at spelling and more free and effective in my writing for the first time in a long time. One of the central points I see as to why my writing application in participation with Desteni was effective and supportive and expansive, is because “Writing Yourself to Freedom”  is/was not so regimented and controlled like you find in college or university where you ‘must’ follow the rules and make the careful correct arguments about a selected topic. This is cool also, though what I found is that with Desteni it was like all the shackles where let off, and the point was simple. WRITE! It was not about being perfect or correct and this allowed me to let go of self judgement in relation to my writing and just let the words flow. There was not, “this is what you are supposed to do, or have to do”, though there Were many examples of writing to take as a guideline if you required.

I mean writing with Desteni and “Writing Yourself to Freedom” was/is more flowing where I did not have to try to make everything perfect and correct but that I could just write and express myself and it was much more free flowing. Strangely enough, the structure and grammer and spelling and things like this eventually just started to develop, though still much work to do here on this point for myself to become effective with the specifics of writing and the proper way of writing which is simply just another aspect and point to develop, and not “the only point” being considered acceptable which is what I found in school.

So there is not only one way to “Write Yourself to Freedom” it really encompass everything. At least that is how I categorize the “Writing Yourself to Freedom” point. Is that it is basically “Everything” we are doing with Desteni, particularly because desteni is very much internet based so even learning to link effectively and do vlogs and tagging and descriptions for videos and chatting and forums and answering e-mails and ratings – All this is “Writing Yourself to Freedom” in a way as it is all tools which develop one effectively so that we become effective in the necessary points which eventually will be essential in the bringing forth of the Equal Money System which is in one way an ultimate point of Actual Freedom for all and then when the Equal Money System is Implemented we will have practically Written Ourselves to Freedom.

So those are just a few points related to my experience of writing myself freedom with Desteni. I write nearly everyday. It is rare that there is a day that I do not write. Sometimes on paper with a pen, sometimes on the computer. Sometimes a blog, or an insight, or a question, or self forgiveness, or reporting on world events, or an e-mail, or observations, anything and all things.

This point has even assisted me in becoming more effective in my daily life where I used to experience myself as limited in my writing where now I see that writing is no more holding me back like how I previously experienced myself in relation to it but has become a point that I am more confident in. Even though I do see still lots of room for improvement and development, I have much more trust in my ability to write as a point which is now to-my-advantage than my disadvantage, and this has been another cool aspect of the “Writing Yourself to Freedom” point with Desteni. That when I steady my hand getting ready to jot down some notes or take a phone message for someone, or for that matter even text my boss, or co-workers about work related stuff that I am confident in my ability and now actually Enjoy these scenarios instead of dreading them or trying to avoid them like before. Now I actually even look for these moments/opportunities as I see I am much more effective in my written communication than before and it has now become a point which make my participation in this world more effective and stronger. Thus I would recommend to everyone to give “Writing Yourself To Freedom” a shot.

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