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Take my time, and start from the beginning: Applying Self Forgiveness on Mind Constructs.

Take my time, and start from the beginning: Applying Self Forgiveness on Mind Constructs.

So I am busy with the “Mind Construct” portion of SRA, and just going to mention a point that came up today. I was starting into the Self Forgiveness portion of the mind construct and I was experiencing it as if I could just not get a handle on the Self Forgiveness. I experienced the whole thing (mind construct) as being “out there” still and seemed so far away, like I could not get a hold of it and really get “in there” and start forgiving and letting go of points. I though this might have to do with maybe I simply am clear on the particular memory I worked with. But I could not ignore this experience I was having that “I was missing something” where the forgiveness just seemed empty, monotonous, and dead, like I was just repeating knowledge and information.

I have tested a few different ways of writing Self Forgiveness with regards to Mind Constructs from going line by line of the construct to doing it in sections and have not yet found a certain method that works every time. So my experience this morning was that I was a bit lost and not really getting a grasp on any points.

I worked through a few points and still experienced myself as if “something was not there” I then got “fed up” and decided to go back to the beginning where I started and simply now for real apply Self Forgiveness on each line, and make sure I am not skipping through points, as earlier I was grouping sections together then applying the Self Forgiveness on the entire section. I thought that I had everything covered but was quite cool to see that when I went back to the beginning and decided I would “do every point” that I came across a point, which was the very first on that I had skipped over and not considered as valid, and as I started with this point I found that my experience of myself within the Self Forgiveness was actually now valid, like I was “on a point”

So I am going to continue in this fashion and walk through each segment of my mind construct slowly and more thoroughly now moving on a line by line basis instead of section by section. This way also I can be comfortable within myself that I did not skip over anything and that then this will not be lingering in the back of my mind as I ‘attempt’ to move through the mind construct.

Ok so there is my introduction to this Blog where I will share my experiences within walking the Desteni I Process, where I share my experience of me actually “using the product”